Upcoming Seminars and Events

College Application Seminars Coming this spring and summer

Next Seminars

When:  June, July and August of 2017

Small group application essay seminars, limited to five clients per session, begin on June 9th, 2017, continuing through August.  The first session will be at the Lafayette Public Library.   Early sessions will focus on the Common Application and U.C. application essay prompts.   July sessions look at Ivy League and other prompts and writing situations.  We will unpack the prompts and look at the various aspects of the writing situation, including your audience and goals, and you will start your college essays with my help.  Seminars run two hours.  I offer a free sample edit when your first draft of your first application essay is complete, which includes general review comments and an example of how I line edit, using a section of your essay.  

Contact me for details and to reserve a seat and materials:  Seminar Contact.  Please contact me at least 48 hours before the seminar.

I can also advise on an individual basis on the full college application process, from college selection through application development, with a special emphasis on extracurriculars and application essays, and on college financing.

If you have particular universities or special topics you are interested in, please include those in your contact message.

I look forward to seeing you.  

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