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Every student is different and the college application process should reflect that.  Do you need a spike to give you that edge in your Ivy League, Stanford, MIT or Caltech App?  Are you looking for a good strategy that combines reach schools with outstanding fallback options–a list that includes colleges that would all be great for you?   Or are you looking for a college that won’t shut the door because of a grade problem?  I can help you with your college application whether you are going for the most super-selective list or if you are just looking for a great place to continue your education.   And I can help you wherever you are in the process, from day one of the college search to your scholarship and graduate school application essays.  

Whatever your goals are, from the most elite universities to the little known gems, I will be able to help you create a successful application strategy and portfolio of materials.  As the college application process becomes more competitive, having guidance becomes ever more important.  I have decades of success helping students with the process and my goal is to be your guide and advocate.  

The Process:

You may contact me at any time to begin–by clicking the link or by going to my contact page, above.  After we exchange some basic information, we work together to define your needs–for clients who are still early in the search, we may meet to plan your strategy and steps from day one, from defining the terms of your college search and your high school plans all the way through your financial aid essays.  

For seniors who are already in the application process and simply looking to polish their essays, I offer rapid-turnaround and detailed essay development support and editing.  We work together to define your needs and a program and price that fits you.  Whether you are aiming at a slate of the super elite colleges or simply looking for a great education in a setting that fits you, I can help.  And I never outsource work or share your materials or information with anyone.  From finding a fit to getting the best advice and detailed editing on your essays, I handle it all personally.

Packages and Prices:

Every package and price is tailor-made to your needs and resources.  Prices for services last year ranged from as little as $175 for the development of  a single essay that helped a C-average student be admitted to seven schools, to $5,000 dollars for multiple students who worked with me from the self-assessment and college selection process through the development of multiple essays.  

I help you determine what you need and what the most cost-effective way for you to reach your goals will be–this is why I present so much information on my associated CollegeAppJungle web site.  If time is at a premium and/or you need some help in guiding a student through the process in a way that relieves you of stress, I can handle most of the process for you.  If money is a problem, I will help you get started with the materials I have and other sources I can send you to help you reach your goals in the most cost-effective manner.  If you need to save money, let me help you get started, and save your cash for applications and essays– many of the parents I help have the chops to do a good job editing, but I do believe that my editing skills are nonpareil in this field, and it is a bit stressful to dig into your teen’s writing only to tell them that what they have written isn’t going to do the job. I have years of experience in doing this and explaining it in an objective way, with the detailed editing and suggestions that lead to a new and superior essay.  And your child will not be cranky with you. 

The Result:

My clients this year were admitted to the most competitive schools in the country, from Stanford to Princeton, Harvard and Yale, from the U.C. system to Northwestern.  I also advised students on international applications, from National University Singapore to the major Canadian universities and multiple universities in Great Britain and Ireland.

Here is the most recent recommendation offered by a client  in the Bay Area, a wonderful student who came to me late in the process:

I would HIGHLY recommend Sean Brennan ( for help on the
college application process. He helped my daughter extensively through multiple
drafts (including additional ones beyond the three full exchanges guaranteed in
his price) of her application essays and supplements. She was struggling with
topics and the initial essay did not showcase her well, and we were paying
thousands to another college counselor who did not provide enough detailed
feedback and guidance. By contrast, Sean is quick, affordable, in-depth, easy
to work with, and made a very positive impact on my daughter’s application
process. The finished essay communicated who my daughter was in a way that
reflected her own voice. She had a time-crunch for one of her essays and Sean
worked through four drafts with her in just 5 days – he is very efficient in
his editing of the essays, the draft revisions were thorough and well thought
out, they preserved all of her original content while focusing her ideas and
drawing out the more important parts. She will be attending Harvard University
next fall because of Sean’s advice and essay editing work. He is also available
to help with the rest of the application process, and provides and unique and
valuable service!
Jessie Lim

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